With a spirit of responsibility and innovation regarding the quality, design and reliability of our products, at NAUZER, we make an effort to provide our clients an important distinguishing when using their radio-communication devices.

During our career as manufacturers of high quality accessories we have known to develop, getting used to the changing needs of an even more demanding market, in which the quality award an important extra, and where we have built up our seal and sign of identity.

R+D+I department

We, at NAUZER, have always positioned for the constant improvement and the evolution of our products, updating our ranges and incorporating new materials, functionalities and technologies. All this will not be possible without our R+D+I (Research, Development and Innovation) department.

Thanks to our R+D+I department, we have be able to develop and introduce new technologies like CSP SOUND and LWS SYSTEM, giving our accessories a maximum efficiency in extreme situations.

Environmental responsibility

Our compromise with the environment is complete. We, at NAUZER, encourage the sustainable development in our processes, being essential the compliance of regulations and internal policies that favour the “3-R” strategy.

Reduce the quantity of wastes and elements generated during our processes.
For example, we have reduced by 30% the number of photocopies.

Reuse those wastes being able to be used once again, extending the useful life of the product or the package.
Following the prior example, at NAUZER, we reuse our sheets of paper on both sides.

Recycle all those elements that are able to be recycled.
For example, we have incorporated in our facilities special tanks destined among others to the plastic, paper and crystal recycling.

Compliance of regulations

We, at NAUZER, have always positioned for excellence and quality, aspects completely confirmed by the compliance of demanding regulations by our products.